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Global Second Citizenship, Residency And Immigration Programs

Open Borders is a Government approved and licensed company specialized in processing citizenship programs to enable qualified people to legally obtain a second passport in the fastest the possible way and within a matter of months. Since inception Open Borders has successfully processed a second nationality and passports for hundreds of clients from over 45 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia

Our network of global associates and partners specialize in different areas of Citizenship and Immigration creating a unique synergy that allows us to successfully achieve our clients’ objectives. The  Laws and regulations governing immigration, visas, citizenship, and business relocation and related investments are complex in nature, but Open Borders represents a one-stop shop to facilitate the process for you, cater to all your needs, and accomplish your projects within a reasonable time period and budget. We value our clients and partner with them to deliver truly innovative solutions

Why invest in a second citizenship?

Second citizenship or residency offers a key to a better future for you and your family. Whether you are a businessman, a frequent international traveller, a business owner or want better security for your family, you will significantly benefit from obtaining a second citizenship

Visa-Free Travel

Travel frequently for business or pleasure. No longer you have to worry about visa applications. Travel freely to over 170 countries around the world

Safe Future

With a second citizenship, you can obtain access to the world best education, security and healthcare systems, as well as a better quality of life

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Financial Flexibility

A second citizenship offers individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners better tax planning options, and the benefit to open businesses  easlily around the world

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Clients Reviews

I went to OPEN BORDERS Consultants aiming to get a residency in the EU to secure my future and with their Fast-Track resulting in a residency within 3 months.

Alex D CaryCEO

It was a wonderful experience here at OPEN BORDERS working on my St. Kitts application. Would love to recommend OPEN BORDERS to anyone who needs a new passport.


I was part of the OPEN BORDERS EU residency program to prospect new market opportunities in Europe for investment. I am very grateful for the stress-free procedures and the constant help and follow up from the representatives.

Sharma JkCAO



  • Your second passport is legal, reputable and irrevocable 
  • Dual nationality 
  • Available to all nationalities, no discrimination 
  • Protection by the government's citizenship law 
  • No security issue and you can easily obtain a resident visa in other countries 

Freedom to Travel

  • Free travel to over 170+ countries 
  • Access to Europe, Asia, Africa and America visa-free
  • Reside in the European Union with an  EU Passport  
  • Reside in the UK every time you visit with no visa 
  • Prime fast track passports for traveling 

Tax Management

  • Dual nationality enables you to maximize your financial plans and to open a new business in other countries
  • The second passport is an advantage for tax purpose. It allows investors to more efficiently manage their finances by avoiding tax income and capital gain earned from a specific country 

Safe Future

  • with second citizenship, you have access to a better quality of life
  • The best educational and healthcare systems in the world 



  • Citizenship programs are available to family members of the applicant.
  • Spouse and children are also eligible for citizenship and  all dependents of the applicant
Caribbean Citizenship
  • Fast-track processing, passport within 3 months
  • Irrevocable citizenship which is passed down for generations
  • Recognizes dual citizenship
  • No nationality restrictions
  • No estate or inheritance tax and no tax on worldwide income
European Citizenship
  • Applicants and their families can freely reside and work  anywhere in Europe
  • Open to all Nationalities
  • Open bank accounts and expand investments worldwide
  • Tax advantages/Ease of doing business
  • Experience a warm Mediterranean climate all year round

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